Japanese Phrases - Travel

Where is the train/bus/plane/car? Densha/basu/hikki wa doko desu ka?
Does this train go to Ibaraki? Kono densha wa Ibaraki ni ikimasu ka?
Where can I buy a ticket for Ueno? Ueno-yuki no kippu wa doko de kaemasu ka?
Where is the taxi stand? Takushii noriba wa doko desu ka?
Please take me to this address? Kono jsho made onegai shimasu.
About how much will it cost to go there? Sumimasen ga, rykin wa dore kurai desu ka?
Which exit do I take for ...? ... ni chikai deguchi wa doko desu ka?
What time does this bus leave? Kono basu wa nanji ni shuppatsu shimasu ka?
What time does this train arrive in Uji? Kono densha wa nanji ni Uji ni tsukimasu ka?
Where can I reserve a seat? Shiteiseki wa doko de kaemasuka?
How long does it take to get to the airport? Kk made wa nanjikan kakarimasuka?
Is the stadium close? Kaij wa chikai desu ka?
Can I walk there? Aruite ikemasuka?
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